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Work smarter before you work harder

Work smarter before you work harder

What's the difference?

Why are our methods more effective than most training and consulting companies

There are many business consultants who can analyze your business and then hand you a report on everything you need to change. Thank you and good luck. You can also find countless training companies who are good at conducting active and fun training interventions. But the question that you always need to ask yourself is, “How will this help us to measurably improve our sales performance long-term?”

There are 3 major elements that you will consistently find interwoven in all of the concepts and interventions that we implement:

Human Performance Technology (HPT)
HPT is a systematic process that links business strategy and goals with a variety of interventions. This process includes performance analysis, cause analysis, and the selection of appropriate interventions. It also includes monitoring the interventions and tracking all relevant results.

In recent years neuroscience has made some incredible breakthroughs that document exactly how our brains function, especially in regards to decision-making. This can provide us with a significant advantage in situations where we try to motivate and convince people. This not only helps us to establish a stronger foundation with our counterparts, but also to recognize and avoid blockades within ourselves.

Change Management
If you want to improve something, you have to do something differently. In other words, you have to change something. However, most interventions only bring short-term results (if any at all) before sliding back into old habits. We use the most basic principles of change management to ensure that your improved performance is anchored into your daily work routine long-term.