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Better than the others means different than the others

Better than the others means different than the others

Archive: Sales-Coach Newsletter

For almost 10 years Michael Beriault published his quarterly Sales-Coach Newsletter, which was a combination of sales and leadership tips and ideas that provided additional stimulation to keep you thinking.

Although the Sales-Coach Newsletter is no longer published, you can download a sample issue. You can also review our index of topics from all other issues, and request any copies that would be interesting for you.

Sample issue

Sales-Coach Newsletter - sample issueHere is a sample of one of our past issues. Please feel free to download it and read it at your convenience. You may also look through our index of topics from prior issues and request any past issue that is of interest. You may also contact us to be put on our list and receive all future issues directly.


Index of topics from all prior issues

Should any topics from prior issues interest you, or if you have misplaced them, simply contact us and ask us to send you that particular issue.


List of topics:

Issue 33 - Qtr. 04/2012

  1. How our brains make (buying) decisions
  2. Mentoring as Performance Multiplier
  3. The Best Time to Close

Issue 32 - Qtr. 03/2012

  1. Better Sales Messaging
  2. Performance reviews with your salespeople
  3. Detailed reviews of customer sales calls

Issue 31 - Qtr. 01/2012

  1. Have the courage to make a difference
  2. Avoiding price reductions
  3. Making decisions quickly and confidently

Issue 30 - Qtr. 04/2011

  1. Create a good mood on sales calls
  2. Increase efficiency with web meetings
  3. Don't ask these questions too early

Issue 29 - Qtr. 02/2011

  1. Dealing with tough buyers
  2. Customer Body Language
  3. 6 basic rules for daily employee coaching

Issue 28 - Qtr. 01/2011

  1. Provocative Selling
  2. What makes a Leader "great"
  3. Body language in Sales

Issue 27 - Qtr. 04/2010

  1. Optimize your sales pipeline through coaching
  2. Overcome the fear of closing
  3. 3 unspoken customer osticales, and how to react

Issue 26 - Qtr. 03/2010

  1. Questioning strategy: Knowing what you want will increase your chance of getting it
  2. ROI: Return-On-(Development)-Investment
  3. Reduce costs by maximizing the effectiveness of customer visits

Issue 25 - Qtr. 02/2010

  1. Move trade fair success without more costs
  2. The changing role of sales
  3. Updating your sales brochures

Issue 24 - Qtr. 01/2010

  1. It's not too late to get off to a good start in 2010
  2. New customer presentations
  3. Help for employees who don't like phoning

Issue 22 - Qtr. 03/2009

  1. More productive internal sales meetings
  2. Getting past the "gatekeeper"
  3. No more unnecessary price reduction


Issue 21 - Qtr. 02/2009

  1. The Acquisition Loop: Optimize your sales pipeline
  2. 5 Steps to an effective Strategic Performance Indicator System


Issue 20 - Qtr. 01/2009

  1. Knowledge: Work Smarter before you Work Harder
  2. Skills: Master your interactions
  3. Attitude: Your secret weapon


Issue 19 - Qtr. 04/2008

  1. Manage your success with the right performance indicators
  2. Getting referrals: what works and what doesn’t
  3. Kick-off Meetings: design a program that inspires


Issue 18 - Qtr. 02/2008

  1. The Secret to `Needs Analysis´
  2. Generating new business with old customers
  3. Kick-off Meetings: create momentum that lasts!


Issue 17- Qtr. 02/2008

  1. Main topic: 6 tips to improve the cooperation with your sales support
  2. Keep your foot in the door, even when the customer says „No“
  3. Prevent the dangerous burnout!


Issue 16 - Qtr. 01/2008

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Seven ideas to make your customers happy
  2. Customer “Get-together”: Gain surprising insights and win customers for life
  3. Leadership: How to help reluctant employees become more productive


Issue 15 - Qtr. 04/2007

  1. Potential Sales Analysis 2008: Where are your hidden opportunities?
  2. The early bird gets the worm: Full speed ahead in the new year
  3. New Year’s resolutions: How to really implement them


Issue 14 - Qtr. 03/2007

  1. 3 Ideas how to get the new customers
  2. How you and your team members can master your challenges
  3. The first impression: What really counts?


Issue 13 - Qtr. 02/2007

  1. Your 8-step program for effective coaching
  2. Service: Small gestures with big impact
  3. You can even train listening


Issue 12 - Qtr 01/2007

  1. Speed: Pick up your tempo in Sales
  2. Pro-active thinking: Stay one step ahead
  3. Avoid offers that waste your time and Conversations with your employees: Optimize your strategy


Issue 11 - Qtr. 04/2006

  1. Ideas that can earn you bonus points with your first contact
  2. Strengthen your contact to customers with regular meetings
  3. Motivation: Take the fright out of failure


Issue 10 - Qtr. 03/2006

  1. How to make your trade fair visit an unavoidable success
  2. No offer without follow-up
  3. Motivation: Fight the daily doldrums


Issue 09 - Qtr. 02/2006

  1. Gain your Team’s commitment to your goals
  2. The high art of Smalltalk
  3. New Customer Acquisition: The idea with the scissors


Issue 08 - Qtr. 01/2006

  1. Quick decisions instead of waiting forever: 3 concrete strategies
  2. It all depends on your shock absorber: The decisive moment in dealing with customer complaints
  3. Motivation: Two simple ideas that will maintain enthusiasm in your team


Issue 07 - Qtr. 04/2005

  1. Have fun with your offers: Top-Tips for writing your offers
  2. Deadlock in your sales calls? Practice letting go
  3. How Buyers think: A look in the minds of your most important contact person


Issue 06 - Qtr. 03/2005

  1. How to prevent lame meetings: 3 Tips
  2. What do you have to lose? 3 ideas for more sales
  3. Practical Sales: How to gain contacts in internet forums


Issue 05 - Qtr. 02/2005

  1. Reports: Turn annoying reports into valuable work aids
  2. Practical Tip: Do you have an “Elevator Presentation”
  3. Motivation: How you can help each of your employees to better performance


Issue 04 - Qtr. 01/2005

  1. Increased Performance: 5 Techniques to lead your Team to more success
  2. New Customer Acquisition: How to gain customers from your competitors
  3. Overcome Prejudices: What customers don’t like about salespeople


Issue 03 - Qtr. 04/2004

  1. Use these opportunities to gain new customers: 5 ideas
  2. Checklist: This is how you score sympathy points in your sales interactions
  3. Work aids for Managers: Improve the communication with your team


Issue 02 - Qtr. 03/2004

  1. Your way out of the price spiral: Defend your price and avoid painful discounts
  2. Customers on the edge: Immediate-Action-Items to help you keep customers
  3. How to secure the deal during the Bidding Phase: Five practical tips for the first meeting and your offer.


Issue 01 - Qtr. 02/2004

  1. Warning signals: With this checklist you will recognize when the relationship with a customer is in danger
  2. The seven most common mistakes: Check here to see where you can improve.
  3. More Sales immediately: 11 ideas and tips to jump-start your sales activities.